Kozelski's follow-up LP to

"COLLECTOR" is a nine song cycle of gems that continues along the heady, laid back path Kozelski has been on for some time.

Standout cuts "The Time Comes" and "Thunderhead" beckon you to a cabana bar or a dive bar's dancefloor respectively.

This batch of songs fare well in the very able and seasoned hands of Jeff Kozelski and his cohorts. Not a note is wasted and after a few listens you realize even the relaxed jams are well built.

Also available  Kozelski's debut LP "SYSTEMATIC STATIC"

Available on Vinyl over at Bandcamp!

Check Out This Epic Space Video for
"Lady In The Stars" off Systematic Static


Kozelski returns to the limelight with new LP

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Jeff Kozelski is a Charleston-based songwriter, musician and producer best known for his work in recent years with the bands King Hippo and The Outervention. But, the multifaceted guitarist’s latest band, named after himself, has been chugging along with new music, like the recently released LP, Collector...read more.

Music scene stalwart Jeff Kozelski goes deep in the studio for debut solo effort

Newfound Freedom

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There's a surprising amount of stateliness to the music that Jeff Kozelski, a guitarist and singer best known for his lengthy stint in the jam-rock band King Hippo and the more indie-leaning (but omnivorous) outfit the Outervention, makes...read more

Kozelski's "Lady in the Stars" gets The Business Company video treatment

Earth to Kozelski

by Kelly Rae Smith

From the creator of imaginative masterpieces like Shovels and Rope's "Mary Ann and One Eyed Dan" music video, The Business Company is back at work in the visual playground this week with a space odyssey for Kozelski's new single "Lady in the Stars." Frontman Jeff Kozelski says the song — lead single off Systematic Static, out Wed. Aug. 1 — began as a question to himself: Who has the answers to becoming a successful musician, and do I want to continue writing music? ...read more

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