Jeff Kozelski

Jeff Kozelski is an American songwriter, musician, and music producer best known for his guitar playing and vocals in the bands King Hippo and The Outervention.


Kozelski started his music career in high school where he met Tom Eden. They co-founded the band Shits and Giggles, which performed from 1998-2001. In 1999, interested in playing their own music, Kozelski and Eden started King Hippo with drummer Dennis Ware and keyboardist Justin Banks. King Hippo went on to record 3 albums. Their first album, “Friday Night”, was recorded and released before Banks joined the band. King Hippo’s second album, “Attack of the the 3 Horned Hippo”, was a live recording in Columbia, SC at Senate Park. This album featured the James Brown Horns and was released in 2002. In 2004, King Hippo went back into the studio to record a full length album of original music titled “Uppercuts”. After touring nonstop for many years around the Southeast, the band decided to split up in 2007.

After the break up, Kozelski went on to play shorts stints in bands including Ryan Monroe’s Pangriod Band, Darius Rucker, Danielle Howle, and Foot in which he collaborated with members of Band Of Horses and Josh Roberts and the Hinges doing a small tour around the Southeast United States.


In 2008, Jeff moved to Charleston, South Carolina and started the band The Outervention with high school friend Ian Grimshaw (Blue Sphere). Kozelski went on to write and produce the music for the albums “Mess Machine” in 2013 and “Acclimator” in 2015. The band toured New York City, Philadelphia, and Charlotte, but due to conflicting schedules, the band dissolved in 2016.


Kozelski went on to collaborate with many of Charleston’s finest musicians and has played with a number of bands including Shonuff, Bottom Feeder, Teenage Eagle, The Rose Runners, and Beck to the Future. He also filled in for guitar/vocals for many bands including Green Levels, The Reckoning, The Sound Committee, Runaway Gin, Yellowknife, Rodeo Clown, and Josh Roberts and The Hinges.


In the summer of 2016, Kozelski went into the studio once again to start recording on his first solo album “Systematic Static” with drummers John Pope (Runaway Gin) and Stratton Moore (Gaslight Street). Subsequently, the Kozelski Band was begun, and went on to include Alan Brisendine (The Outervention) on keyboards, Jon Moore (Shonuff) on bass and Wes Powers (Sol Driven Train) on drums. The band continues to play shows and is planning on collaborating in the studio in the near future.


Kozelski studied guitar theory under Columbia, SC guitar guru Robert Newton. Kozelski is also a music teacher at Encore Music in Mount Pleasant, SC, where he has been teaching guitar and leading music camps since 2009.



Friday Night (1999)

Attack of the 3 Horned Hippo (2002)

Uppercuts (2004)

Mess Machine (2013)

Acclimator (2015)

Systematic Static (2018)